Not my Monkeys


I asked on my facebook page for favourite quotes to practice hand lettering.  I had forgotten how amusing I find this polish saying :)


Hand Lettered Book Cover Reveal: Week Wise


Here’s my latest hand lettered book cover!  It’s for a series of week long devotional readings around a specific topic.  So the topic title will be changed with each issue, but the main cover art will be the same.  I had a lot of fun with the hand lettering :)


Animated Book Trailer – The Ex Files

Here’s the animated book trailer I created for Kelly McClymer’s chick-lit novel, The Ex Files (available on Amazon).  Kelly did the voice over herself, and I had a lot of fun bringing Diana to life after drawing the cover art.  I am still a rookie at animation, but it’s a lot of fun learning a new skill :) (if you are interested in a cover or book trailer, head over to The Book Cover Bakery)

Book Cover Art Reveal: The Ex Files

exfilescover2Cover art I did for the re-release of Kelly McClymer’s chick-lit novel The Ex Files.  Thanks to my husband for posing as all the ex boyfriends for me :)


Book Cover Art Reveal: Shop & Let Die


More book cover art to show you (and still one to go!).  This illustration is the cover of Shop and Let Die by Kelly McClymer.  There’s more to come in this series (The Secret Shopper Mom Mysteries) and I’m excited to draw Molly a few more times.  I’ll try and post my process later, but be warned, it was mostly me posing in a trench coat while listening to Jame Bond music.

Book Cover Reveal: Snowflake Tiara

snowflaketiaraSo excited to show this off :)  It’s the book cover for the upcoming Christmas Novella collection Snowflake Tiara.  It should be a fun Christmas read for you romance lovers, with a historical novella by Angela Breidenbach and a contemporary novella by Valerie Comer (aka, my mom).  Anyway, this isn’t the kind of cover I usually do, but I love it a lot, so hopefully there will be more in this style in the future?


She is the one named…


Did you know that they are remaking Sailor Moon?  It’s pretty good, but I must admit that I miss the old theme song. A lot.




Playing with adding some hand lettering to my illustrations, what do you think?

Baking up some new art


There’s going to be more to this illustration, but I thought I’d give you a peek now :)





I have five peony plants in the garden, and a total of….four flowers.  I’ll give it a couple more years.  In the meantime I dream of peonies as big as my head.  Also, my oldest daughter was very concerned that the girl have a name, so she is Penelope.